Meet the Morgan Chase Team

Kelly Collins

Service Manager

Kelly's strengths are derived from 30 years in the hospitality and grocery industry. With her experience in managing the two flagship restaurants on Beale St in Memphis to opening and managing grocery stores for a well-known and upscale grocery chain. 

Kelly has the skills and knowledge to manage the day to day business and control the systems that make MCM run like a well-oiled machine. Her ability to meet the needs of the MCM Team and see to it that clients are our priority. Her major strengths lie in HR, inventory controls, and systems. She has been known for her ability to increase productivity while keeping her team happy, giving us the ability to meet our goals and retain a select group of Team Members.

Richard Brown

Director of Operations

Richard has primarily been in the emergency response industry for the past 15 years, providing innovative project management. He has been involved in constructing and man camps for 2500 people in North Dakota, feeding 30,000 meals a day for Red Cross operating mass-care camps for up to seven different locations at one time to various construction and disaster response projects throughout the United States. 

During his downtime and break from providing emergency response services, he constructs and builds mobile response equipment like restrooms, showers, kitchens, wastewater purification systems, and other facilities needed for the emergency response and oil & gas industries. 

He has responded to many natural disasters including 23 hurricanes, six tornados, one earthquake, five catastrophic floods, and six ice storms. Some of the events have been in third world countries with no resources. 
He has been involved in the construction of many structures over the years for both temporary and permanent projects. His involvement with government and private funded projects has given him the ability to operate in many different environments with groups of diversified people.​

He has brought together and assembled a response team for MCM that is composed of many individuals that can execute tasks rapidly with precision to make the projects successful. There have been some people that have dubbed him as a logistical mastermind.

Tom Ramsey

Director of International Business

Tom leads MCM's international operations. Since leaving the helm of fine dining kitchens, he has enjoyed combining his recent career as a chef with his previous career as a mergers & acquisitions investment banker.

As a chef, Tom led exemplary culinary teams as Executive Chef at Atchafalaya, Galiano, Bon's, and One Stone in New Orleans, Louisiana. He led a delegation of chefs and cooked at the prestigious James Beard House in New York City on five occasions. He is a member of the Court of Master Sommeliers and has been featured on multiple cooking television shows. In addition to cooking, Tom's writings on food, beverages, and travel are featured in national publications.

As an investment banker, he led transactions primarily in the financial services sector, specifically in reinsurance. He served on various boards of directors of public and private companies.

Craig Hubbard

Director of Business Development

Craig has been in the distribution and construction industries for the last 25 years where he worked in business development and relationship management.  In addition, he has worked closely with vendors to improve the client experience.  Craig also has over 15 years experience managing oil field daily operations, construction management, management of custodial services, temporary facility operations, and mass-care disaster housing.

Craig’s role with MCM is to build long term relationships with prime contractors and vendors.  In addition to his business development role, Craig is typically one of the first arrivals to any disaster response.  He is an excellent communicator and enjoys getting things done for the team!

Lou Fosse

Operations Manager

Lou is invaluable to our team.  He has over 40 years in management including multi-branch retail food stores where he delivered strong results through managing P&L responsibilities, guest interaction, and HR functions including talent recruitment and performance coaching, while overseeing 100+ team members inside a 10–15-million-dollar yearly revenue operation.

Lou has worked throughout the country in field operations and is able to adapt to any situation and relocation immediately if necessary.  This makes him ideal for the emergency response sector of our business.

Lou is our operations process innovator, helping MCM deliver greater value to the clients we serve.  Lou also plays a key role of mentor and always knows how to handle any sticky situation that is thrown at him.  He is a team-based leader, recognized for his integrity, passion, and authenticity.

Ruben Rodriguez Santos

Executive Chef

Ruben is our Executive Chef who sets the bar high for the MCM team.  He is a master at producing large quantities of chef-prepared restaurant-quality food quickly to meet the demands needed in our industry. He leads his staff and develops the team through a set of shared values that make doing the right thing a daily ritual.  Since he started working with MCM, he has overseen production company-wide, creating a customer experience that our clients brag about… 

While feeding an average of 2,400 people daily, he takes responsibility for the execution of our emergency response and military division. He is a key part of our production team.​

Amanda Barrientes

Hospitality Expert

Amanda is our Hospitality expert.  She has over 10 years of food service experience as a culinary manager.  She is known for her skills of organizing, prioritizing and managing multiple projects simultaneously with a level of detail orientation that amazes!  She possesses strong analytical and decision making prowess as well.

Amanda has recently moved into an admin role as accounting director and payroll manager.   She also works as the front of house coordinator, keeping everything the client sees running smoothly. 

Michael Kitzler


Skilled engineer with 10yrs of experience in commercial/military construction, inspection, and maintenance.

Subject matter expert on 2 deployments with the Air Force and holding the rank of E-6. In charge of building/tear down of base camps for MCM. Installs new equipment while maintaining the equipment already on site. Handles warranty issues, power distribution, plumbing, and any on-site emergencies 24/7.

Kevin Craft


Kevin ensures that our organization complies with all relevant laws, regulations, and policies. This includes industry, government, company, state, and federal regulations. Kevin makes sure that our internal policies are in place and that our organization meets all licensing requirements.

David Hamner

Project Manager

David has been in construction for 26 years, working his way up from general laborer to production manager in building, bidding, and project operations.

David has worked on projects in 3 different states, including improvements made to Ellsworth Air Force Base in South Dakota. He is highly skilled in strategic planning and problem-solving.

Robert Smith

Safety Coordinator

Robert has been on our team since March of 2002. He started as a Production Manager, and with his ability to manage the safety side of our business, he was quickly promoted to Safety Coordinator. Robert is a "black or white" type of person.

For him, it is either right or wrong. In today's time with cross-contamination and dealing with the COVID-19 issues, he has been trained in detailed HACCP, Critical Control, Site Safety, and COVID-10 procedures.​Robert has been focusing on the safety side of operations and while feeding the border detainees, all the way from McAllen, Texas to San Diego, CA. His ability to adhere to the guidelines set by the CDC for the new standards required for distancing and sanitation is an essential part of our team's focus