Mobile Kitchen Trailer Rental

Our fleet of mobile modern kitchens is available for rent, throughout the US. Our kitchen trailers perform with the chef in mind and can handle your next emergency response or high-volume event. Morgan Chase Catering Kitchen Rentals meet world-class safety and technical standards and come with high-quality commercial-grade equipment.

Whether you are looking for a short-term rental for a plant shut-down, a long-term rental for an extensive renovation, or, are considering purchasing a mobile kitchen, our line-up of fully-customizable units is available to you quickly and affordably

 In fact, our network is around the United States, likely near you. Please contact us if you need clean, reliable, and sturdy mobile kitchen deployment. We can guide you toward the perfect decision.


Why rent a Mobile kitchen trailer?

Renting a mobile kitchen is the best solution for temporary food service needs. If you need to provide a kitchen dining experience for your clients, or employees, and traditional kitchen facilities aren't easy to access, our kitchens are here to help.

We offer state-of-the-art, flexible, temporary kitchen solutions that offer a quick and affordable alternative if your kitchen is out of commission.

 We provide professional mobile kitchens, food supply, and staff and feed our customers wherever they dine - which makes our inventory and deployment easy for you. Contact us to discuss leasing our high-quality mobile kitchen trailers.


What's the standard setup of our mobile kitchens?

Here are a few things our mobile kitchen trailers offer: a tilt skillet, storage space, a fryer, a flat-top gril, a double oven, and basic utensils. The mobile kitchens of our fleet all use natural gas for the grills and heat sources.


What are the extra features of the premium mobile kitchen trailers?

Our premium mobile trailers have more options than our standard trailers. Depending on your needs, we can discuss generators, refrigeration, potable water, grease traps and dry storage. We have worked in the emergency response and catering world, so we have the trailers located where you need them rented.


How many people can a mobile kitchen feed?

This depends on many factors like the configuration of your trailer, the meals prepared, and your staff, but one thing is for sure: Our mobile kitchens can get you up and running and serving thousands within a few hours of delivery.


How do I get the trailer that I have rented?

Call us to coordinate your rental and delivery. Operators appreciate that we can come to your venue after a bit of delivery coordination. Contact us - Our mobile kitchen fleet is nearby and ready to help you serve your guests and customers.


Who has MC Catering provided long-term mobile kitchen rentals for?

When we talk about mobile kitchen rentals with our clients, they work on long-term projects in remote areas, in the industrial sector, government sector, or as a part of an emergency response team.

We have many partners in the catering business who will need a kitchen fast for quick response. We understand the catering business as providers, ourselves. We are happy to help you get the kitchen equipment you need to prepare for your contracted projects.

Contact Us to get your Mobile Kitchen Rental started

Our kitchen specialists will help you get the best rental experience possible. Contact us to get started, coordinate delivery, or if you need more information.