Military Catering Service

A military officer's responsibility is not just to the operational needs of a man camp. A senior officer's role is to ensure the well-being of his personnel. Morgan Chase Catering specializes in providing catering services for military bases.


Good Food is important to Morale and Staff Wellbeing

 The staff and personnel at basecamps we operate in can enjoy a healthy meal or a homestyle meal that will allow them to perform their duties better. Our clients know us for taking feedback from staff and personnel and trying to accommodate (within reason).

Military personnel has unique dietary needs that must be considered when providing catering services. Some of the most common dietary needs include:


- Low-sodium meals


- Gluten-free meals


- Vegetarian/vegan meals


- Comforting "Homestyle" food


We provide Chef Based Food Services to our Prime Vendor Clients

 It is important to work with a catering company that is familiar with military dietary needs. Our military customers share with us the various diet restrictions of their staff.

We can provide meals that meet these requirements. Morgan Chase Catering has experience in military catering and can provide meals that accommodate your staff's dietary needs.

We aren't just a catering service, we have served deployed basecamp operations in South Texas as well as disaster relief efforts all across the US.

 Contact us for healthy chef-based catering meals for your Military Camp Operation needs.