Emergency Catering Service

When disasters hit, utilities such as water, power, and shelter are impossible. We specialize in bringing clean, chef-based meals to your disaster relief operation site.  In past responses, we have helped feed camps of lineman and tree trimmers as they worked to restore utilities to Hurricane-struck Gulf Coast Communities.

Our team of chefs, hospitality managers, and logistics professionals are ready to help you with your response- wherever it might be. Our Emergency Catering Services team deploys based on your operation needs. Teams working in emergency response environments appreciate warm, delicious food from passionate chefs.

We’ve perfected the recipe of our Emergency Catering Services because we know the needs of response workers and field personnel. Healthy meals are prepared with freshness and variety in mind, while more “homestyle” food is offered for staff missing the comfort of home.

Although each operation is different, every team is going to need clean, healthy, and hot meals to continue work.

Catering for Disaster Relief 

The dietary needs of a worker in a disaster relief work environment are high. We provide high-caloric meals to your dedicated workers.

 Responders need three meals a day, so prepared meals are sent to teams working in remote or widespread devastation areas.

 Our clients appreciate that we accommodate guests' requests. That's our way of saying "if your personnel request a food item that will help them work, we will do our best to provide that item." It's one of the ways we set ourselves above the rest.

Components of our Disaster relief food service 

  • Cleanliness / Sanitation
  • Clean Water
  • Chef Based Meals
  • Specialty High Capacity Mobile Kitchens
  • Healthy meals with variety
  • Helpful Friendly Staff

Our Mobile Kitchen Trailers 

Our mobile kitchen trailers provide fresh meals with healthy or homestyle menu items. The equipment of our kitchen trailers is similar to a restaurant's setup. The mobile kitchen units we have built provide a full-service kitchen on short notice.

How do we quickly mobilize our remote kitchens? 

  • 20 years of experience in the Catering World with a focus on disaster relief and operating bases
  • Prior staging of kitchen equipment in operation zones
  • Preplanning Contracts allow Prime Contractors to have the fastest response possible
  • Committed to Supporting your Operation or Relief - We work harder and mean what we say

Full mobilization within 24-48 hours 

When disaster strikes or a crisis happens, you may need support fast. We are dedicated to responding to emergencies, including Executive Chefs, Servers, and Operation Managers. We respond immediately and will provide nutritious food for thousands within 24-48 hours.

Our team is able to respond if an emergency situation arises. During Hurricane Katrina, we were serving food within 60 hours of the first phone call.

With prior agreements in place, we can reduce that mobilization to within 48 hours.

What Natural disasters have Morgan Chase Catering provided catering for? 

The Gulf Coast had difficult hurricane seasons since Hurricane Katrina and we've helped on many of them. We helped Hurricane relief efforts, evacuees, and response workers stay fed during Katrina, Maria, Gustav, and Ike.

 We've helped wildfire responses in California, Colorado, and more across the Midwest. You can read our whole response history here.

Who does Morgan Chase Catering partner in the case of an emergency catering need? 

We work with project managers who are managing a team of first responders. Project managers or Camp Directors will have a need for infrastructure when an emergency situation arises.

The agencies that we have partnered with in emergencies are the Red Cross, National Guard, FEMA as well as various Law Enforcement and Military branches.

 Every emergency relief requires "boots on the ground" relief effort from dedicated and brave workers. And any relief camp effort will appreciate the comfort of warm food. That's when we get the call.

We are your choice for an Emergency relief catering company

Disasters don't wait for anyone. Call us for your disaster relief catering needs day or night and know you will have an experienced team helping your relief effort.