Industrial Shutdown and Decommission Scheduling Catering

Morgan Chase Catering has helped its industrial and construction clients with remote site catering.

Remote site catering is beneficial for construction managers and production managers. Our customers in this space have worked in construction projects like mining, plant decommission, long-term industrial projects, environmental reclamation, and oil refinery work.

Due to the long-term nature of these industrial or decommission projects. There's often a need. For support services for your staff who are laboring hard every day.

To move the project along, Morgan chase has provided remote site catering.

What’s the benefit of a long-term catering agreement when it comes to Industrial Projects?

Production and construction managers understand the value of keeping a well-maintained and centralized operation.

The benefit of working with an onsite catering company means your team doesn’t need to travel to stay fed, because you are setting the table for them.

And it will keep everyone in a more centralized location and make a safer job site.

If you are a prime contractor with a long-term industrial project, consider working with us. We have the experience and the equipment to make sure your team gets fed while on the job.