Emergency - Maria

Maria - 2017 - Puerto Rico response in less than 48 hour

2017 was a particularly tricky hurricane year for Puerto Rico and the Gulf coast. 

In 2017 Morgan Chase Catering was busy providing catering and services to responders in hurricane Harvey. 

Then hurricane Maria hit later that same year. 

Richard Brown, the president of Morgan Chase Catering got a call on Friday night. And he was out feeding folks on Monday morning in Puerto Rico. 

FEMA reached out to him on that Friday night and notified Morgan Chase Catering about their needs and they quickly mobilized.

The relief effort was a massive undertaking as staging and disembarking needed to happen in Florida.

The massive contract was intended to help the relief efforts of the island of Puerto Rico. 

Morgan Chase Catering provided food and wraparound services for 12,000 people for three months.  

We were proud to be part of the heroic relief efforts of the Hurricane Maria Response in 2017.