Emergency - Katrina

Hurricane Katrina Emergency Catering Response

The Hurricane Season of 2005 was a challenging year for emergency response teams as Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans in August.

The devastation was so widespread that telecommunications, water and power access were impossible for both evacuees, survivors and responders alike.

Morgan Chase Catering got the call for help from Early Responder Teams (Law Enforcement and Military) on a Friday and was able to serve food the following Monday morning. 

A few quick facts on our Katrina Catering Response: 

60 hour response time (We can be faster with prior contract agreements and staging ready).

Catering on all 7 sites - Food was distributed from a central location inventory then distributed to remote kitchens .

Fuel was scarce in the area - MC trucked in fuel from 100 miles at a time when vendors took cash.

We delivered to shelters in the South and Central Mississippi: 30000 Meals/ Day at the peak.

Later, FEMA and other Government agencies came in to contract with Morgan Chase for Catering as cleanup efforts continued (due to the extent of the devastation).  

2 Utility camps - 15,000 People Each - Catering support in a camps for line workers, tree trimmers who were laboring to restore utilities.

We were humbled and happy to serve good people who came together to respond to the Hurricane Katrina Response Effort in 2005. 

We partner with Prime Contractors to help with their Emergency Catering Service needs.